The Bible is a big book written a long time ago. While it’s intriguing, it can also be a little intimidating when you start trying to read the Bible. 

But after years reading my own Bible, I stumbled on a very powerful way to hear God’s voice through the words written in the Bible.

The method I use simplifies down to four easy steps with the acronym SOUL so it’s a little easier to remember: 

Why Won't God Talk to Me?

How to Read the Bible:

SScripture – Read the Bible verses you’ve chosen a few times slowly, taking your time.

When you read the Bible, don’t race through the words like there’s someone standing at the end with a Target gift card and your favorite Starbucks drink.

Take your time with each word. Like you’re sipping the world’s finest wine, let the words sit on your tongue for a few seconds as they enter your mind.

O – One Thing – What’s the one thing that keeps standing out to you as you read?

The Holy Spirit is active when you’re reading your Bible. This Spirit isn’t just some sort of an idea, it’s alive. It’s tugging on you and moving your own spirit to notice or be drawn to certain things as you read.

Pay attention. What stands out?

If only for a moment, let yourself believe those words stood out to you because the Holy Spirit wanted them to. 

U – Uncover – Sit quietly and ponder how these words could apply to your life right now.

Give yourself a few minutes to sit and think about the words or phrases from the Bible that really caught your eye. Think about how they might relate to something that’s happening in your life or some question you’ve been wrestling with. 

What’s been bothering you lately? What’s been keeping you up at night or worrying you when your mind has a few spare moments? What have you been excited and joyful about?

Ponder for a few minutes how these words might speak directly to that.

L – Learn – What’s the one thing you’ll take with you throughout your day?

Jot down the one thing you learned or realized about how the Bible applies to your life today. Writing it down serves two purposes. First, it will help you remember better as you go about your day.

Second, it’s fun to go back through your journal. You might discover some amazing “coincidences” and evidence God is active and speaking in your life. 

In can be a struggle to read the Bible and really feel like you can hear God’s voice speaking directly to you and your life right now. With the help of the Holy Spirit and these four-steps. Now you know how to get started!

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