Having fun with Jesus is prayer!

Any time you talk with Jesus and share in relationship with Him by including Him in your life, that’s prayer. 

Jesus isn’t some old fuddy-duddy boring guy.

He is the creator of the whole universe. The miracle worker. The God who literally invented humor. So have a little fun with Him!

Follow these steps to have fun with Jesus:

  1. Decide. What will you do? Create something? Go for a bike ride? Throw an axe? (Did you know this is a thing? Our friends took us in Kansas City, and it was surprisingly fun!)
  2. Invite Jesus. Say a quick prayer. “Jesus, want to go throw an axe with me?” or “Jesus, want to try that adult coloring thing with me?” (After all, Jesus is the ultimate artist. Just look at any sunset or sunrise!)
  3. Have fun. Go do whatever you chose, and have a great time! Keep Jesus in mind, especially letting your mind come back to Him in the moments when you smile or laugh. Let yourself have a sense of sharing in that with Jesus.
  4. Reflect. Either that evening or the next morning, take a little time to remember the fun you had. Think about where you spotted Jesus in the middle of it.
  5. Journal. If you have time, jot down a little about your fun time in a journal or notebook. 
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Jesus isn’t always serious and your faith doesn’t have to be either.

Doing something fun with Jesus is prayer. It builds your relationship and is a great way to get a better sense of who Jesus really is. 

So this week I challenge you to do something fun with Jesus!

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