I saw a feather-faced frog once.

The feather gently ruffled in the wind, but the frog stayed stoic. All day it sat there, taking it’s role as temporary feather-bearer very seriously.

(I couldn’t take a picture of the real frog, because no photos are allowed at the Cloisters on the Platte. So here is the best I could do to recreate it for you!)

It was bizarrely hilarious, and I burst into laughter. Here was this ordinary midwestern frog with a feather that had apparently landed on its face.

What an excellent reminder Jesus has a sense of humor!

But of course He does. The Bible tells us God created humans in His own image. He created humans to be like Him. (Read about it here: Genesis 1:27)

So if we have a sense of humor then God and Jesus do too.

Not only that, but God is the CREATOR of humor. (God created all good things.) Imagine His potential to make us laugh!

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And Jesus doesn’t just know how to be funny. He knows EXACTLY what will make US SPECIFICALLY laugh, because he knows each and every one of our very own unique senses of humor.

Jesus knew a feather-faced frog would make my day. That I would smile every time I thought about it for years to come. Because He knows my love of nature and all things goofy.

I can feel His joy and my own in sharing this feather-faced frog joke together.

And THAT is relationship building. There’s nothing better than a good joke to help you relax and feel like you’re starting to get to know someone.

How to tell Jesus has a sense of humor:

  1. Pay attention. When you catch yourself laughing, or even smiling, don’t just skim over it.
  2. Go deeper. Take a quick second to think about what led up to this joy. Sometimes unusual circumstances or crazy timing are a hint Jesus might have had a hand in the situation.
  3. Sense. How can you feel Jesus in this moment? Do you sense Him there with you sharing in the joy?

The next time you catch yourself laughing or smiling, share in the fun with Jesus!

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