1 Helpful Secret Step to Letting Go of Anger

Letting go of anger can be hard, and if we choose the wrong person to vent to, we can regret it later. 

But have you ever tried ranting and raving to Jesus? 

I’m talking about telling Jesus in the most honest way possible what you really think. How you really feel about some of the people He made who are irritating you at the moment, or something horrible He “let” happen in your life.  

Jesus is big; He can take it.

So don’t hold back. Be brutally honest.

It’s not like He’s going to tell anybody what you said. Let Him have it with all the dirty details.

Of course He knows everything you’re thinking and feeling already. He sees and hears everything and knows us better than we know ourselves.  

But this is about you and your chance to get it off your chest. There is an exchange and release that happens when we let it all out. It can feel so wonderful.  

Friends are important, and it’s good to talk to them when we need a little emotional support. But when steam is coming out of our ears or we’re so down in the dumps we can’t take another step, letting Jesus be that first go-to can really build our relationship with Him.

Relationship is a two way street and Jesus is happy to be a good listener when we need Him. This can build our relationship with Him just like it would if an earthly friend was there when you needed them.  

And the bonus of it all…there’s no need to feel guilty afterward or worry about what you said, or shouldn’t have said, when Jesus is the one you’re ranting to. Our secrets are safe with Him.

And if you’re a high-guilt person like me and feel bad for cutting loose on Jesus afterward, remember it’s human to have strong emotions. Even Jesus cried out in fear in the Garden of Gethsemane, knocked tables over in the temple and wept in mourning at loss and death.

These feelings and emotion we have are not sinful. It’s what we choose to do with them, where we turn and how we let them out, that’s important.

When we go to Jesus, look at His face, and pour our heart out to Him, our strong emotions are turned into a gift, because they bringing us closer to Jesus.

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