God doesn’t like it when people are mean to us – even when those people are our own kids!

I realized this one evening when my dad came over for supper.

My boys were two and five at the time. My husband was working late. I was exhausted and just trying to survive until bedtime.

I filled the boys’ plates with carefully prepared food cut into nice, tiny little bites. I set it on the table, and their instant response was to whine about what we were having. 

As the meal unfolded, they ignored my requests to take more bites. Half their food went on the floor along with their silverware. I’d just come back from fetching yet another clean fork when a fight erupted between them.

Suddenly my quiet father stood up, put his hands down firmly on the table and looked right at my boys. In a stern voice he said, “Boys, you knock that off. You tell your mother thank you, and be nice. She is my daughter, and I don’t like how you are treating her.”

It was all I could do not to burst into tears right on the spot.

I was his daughter. I’d forgotten that.

In all the growing up, having babies, and fighting cancer, I forgot I was still his little girl. He was outraged to see anyone, even his own grandsons, treat me with such disrespect.

I think God is like that.

Why Won't God Talk to Me?

We grow up and heavy burdens are heaped on our shoulders, but in God’s eyes we are still his little girls. The ones He watched grow up all those years.

When God sees someone being mean to us, He is moved to outrage. He stands up, hands on table, and commands them in their spirit to stop.

Of course, we all have free will.

Just like my kids who could choose whether or not to listen to their grandpa, everyone gets to choose whether to respond to that movement of God’s Spirit within, telling them to be kind. 

Sometimes people choose to listen, but sometimes they ignore God’s command to love. 

Sometimes people are mean.

Chances are, you’ve been treated badly by someone at some point in your life. Perhaps it’s even been someone who was supposed to love you the most — your kids, spouse, or earthly parents. Maybe even someone who called themselves a Christian. 

Mean people make God mad.

He doesn’t like to see us treated without love. This pains God more than we can imagine, because we are his little girls. 

“and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:18)

When people are mean, remember God loves you.

You are His daughter — His precious little girl — and He is commanding them to stop. To treat you with love and the respect you deserve as His daughter.

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