Giving up time for prayer feels costly when you’re already so busy. But if we pray first, we won’t notice how much it costs us. In fact, we might even notice how much we gain.

My friend recently told me she started taking 10% of what she earns every paycheck and putting it in her savings.

She thought it would be a strain to make ends meet with the 10% gone, but she was surprised at how much simpler it was to save at the start rather than waiting to see what was left over at the end.

It made me wonder, what if we all did the equivalent with prayer. Like money, if we leave our prayer time until the end, we’ll have nothing to spare.

But if we pray first, it’s more likely to happen.

And when we are consistent with anything, whether it’s our relationship with Jesus or our investment in savings, we start to see progress. My friend and her growing savings account are the perfect example.

Imagine what could happen if, even for a week, you put prayer first. If, when you planned your day, you wrote prayer on the schedule first and then fit everything else in around it.

That’s what I started trying to do several years back, and it has changed my life. I don’t miss the time I give to prayer because, like my friend with her savings, I take my prayer time “off the top” of my day. I schedule it first and then, like anything we prioritize, everything else fills in around it.

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It’s not always easy, and I don’t always get my prayer and church time every day. But when I make it a priority to pray first, it happens a lot more than it would otherwise.

And when I let it slip? When I get too busy and the world starts making my schedule instead of me? I can tell. My husband can tell.

It’s a noticeable change in my well being if I don’t pray.

How about you? Are you willing to make prayer a top 10% priority to better your life?

The closer we draw to Jesus, the better we will feel. So come join me.

Pray first this week.

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