The evil that gets wrapped up in your mind loves to hide in the shadows. It comes out in the dark of night or when your mood is grim.

Have you noticed that?

The devil loves to attack us when we are at our weakest — to kick us in the wounds we’ve gotten throughout life and watch us bleed.

But don’t let that get you down. Instead, speak truth into the darkness to release your soul.

How do you do that?

Why Won't God Talk to Me?

When you are hurting and you hear that voice whispering to your soul that you are nothing, unlovable and wretched, tell someone you trust. Speaking these lies sheds light on them and starts to free you.

This might be hard. The evil wants you to stay silent, so it will go to a lot of work to keep you quiet.

But you can do it.

Find someone who is trustworthy — a counselor, pastor, priest or friend — and tell them the lies you’ve been hearing. Show them the truth you wish you could grab hold of.

In this simple act, you’ll start to feel a little more free. You’ll start to see light and find a way through the shadows.

Don’t let darkness hide the evil.

Speak truth.

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