Are you last on your “to-do” list? As a busy mom, you can’t afford to waste time. Like Cinderella, you say “if I get all my work done, then I can have a ball.”

But eventually we have to put ourselves first. We can’t run on empty. We need to get a haircut or massage or read a good book. Something that refills our tank and helps us feel human again.

Still, when we take time for ourselves there can be an underlying feeling of guilt. There are so many other things we “should” be doing. It can feel like a waste of time to do something for ourselves.

Spending time with God can feel like that.

We have lunches to pack, schedules to manage and laundry to switch out. The kitchen is a mess, and there’s that one thing we wanted to finish before work.  

How can we possibly give up 10 minutes of productive morning time for prayer?

It’s a lot like being in the middle of a big project when your child asks you to do something. You don’t have time to read that book, put together the puzzle or go play outside.

Still, if you pause and take time, it often ends up being some of the best moments of your day. A little ray of sunshine that makes you both feel loved in the midst of a hectic day.

The same is true with our relationship with God. It can feel like a waste of time to sit down to pray.

Just like time with your child or doing something for yourself – prayer is essential to knowing you are loved. It builds us up and helps us stay stable.

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None of us have time to pray.

Pray anyway.

Sit in a comfy place and read the Bible. Talk to God about what’s on your mind. Let there be peace in the midst of chaos because God is there with you whether or not you feel Him. (Click here for ideas to try during your prayer time.)

When you intentionally choose to sit before God, He blesses you. Just like it’s a blessing when you spend time with your child or take time for yourself.

It might feel like a waste of time in the moment, but it’s those very moments that help us get through the rest of our day.

So waste time with God.

Let Him refill you with a few moments of sunshine to the soul so you can keep going strong.

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