There are so many ways to pray that it can feel overwhelming. When you pray, what’s the “right” way? Whose way is best? What’s right for YOU?

These are hard questions and ones that can take a lifetime to figure out. How do you want to talk to Jesus and get to know Him better.

Here at I give you a lot of different ideas to try when you pray, but there’s one thing you can do wrong as you seek the truth.

Give up.

Jesus makes this clear when He tells the story of a widow who keeps going to a judge over and over asking him to avenge her. At first, the judge ignores her, but finally he gives up and listens to her. He grants her request. (Read the full story here: Luke 18:2-8)


Because she stated her plea just right? Said the right words? Finally spoke in a way deserving of an answer?

No! It was because she never gave up.

That’s the moral of the story. Don’t give up.

Sure you might have questions or doubts. You might wonder if you’re praying right. Whether your prayer is good, or whether you yourself are even good.

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Some days you might even find yourself questioning what you truly believe and whether God does in fact exist.

Those questions and doubts are not a problem for God. It’s not concerning.

The important thing is that you never give up seeking truth when you pray.

Like the widow in the story, keep coming back over and over and over.

Eventually, Jesus will relent. In ways you never could have imagined, He will show Himself and the Truth to you.

Don’t give up!

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